7 Passenger Crossover

A crossover is also called as a CUV or a Crossover Utility Vehicle. The 7 passenger crossovers are also called as XUVs and they were so called first by CNN and Wall Street Journal. It is a kind of SUV but it is built onto a car chassis. The SUVs conventionally are built on truck chassis but the CUVs are lighter, more fuel efficient and simpler to handle. These vehicles are referred to as crossover SUVs. It is a popular belief that any normal car buyer will not be able to tell the difference between a conventional large SUV and a 7 passenger crossover from outside. However, if you get inside the car, you can see many differences, which will tell you the benefits of getting a 7 passenger crossover over a large SUV. The smooth handling of the 7 passenger crossover makes a huge difference along with the comfort, traction and the versatility it offers. It also gives you the same looks and style of the SUV. Although you will be needed to sacrifice a little bit on the inside roominess, you will find these vehicles to be cheaper to own and an absolute pleasure to drive.

Another benefit is that there is many a 7 passenger crossover available in the market. The sales generated by the 7 passenger SUVs have provided the carmakers with a cushion for the lack of sales of the trucks and SUVs as a result of rising fuel prices and poor economy. The different features required by different users in their 7 passenger crossovers might change from person to person. However, most people are developing an opinion that the larger vehicles are outdated. Therefore, the combined benefits offered by the crossovers are a welcome relief for the drivers.

If you look at the top 7 passenger crossovers, you will find that they offer decent legroom. There is plenty of room for your head, shoulders and hips. Most of the top class 7 passenger crossovers come with second and the third row of seating although the configurations may vary. These crossovers are well designed, durable and reasonably priced. Many a 7 passenger crossover makes use of sedan chassis and as a result provides sedan like handling. Some of them have a V6 engine giving good power without the fuel guzzling associated with a V8. However, you can get a crossover with a V8 engine if you wish. The best 7 passenger crossovers are available from $28,000 to $41,000. Most crossovers come with desirable engineering features as well like brake assist, brake force distribution, stability control and traction control.

2012 Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90

XC90 is a wonderful 7 passenger crossover vehicle. All the trims offered with the crossover can seat 7 passengers. The base trim is available at $38,000 and it has a 3.2 lit 6-cylinder engine that gives you 240 hp. A decent 85.1 cubic feet cargo space is available and it can tow 3300 pounds. The Volvo XC90 provides mileage of 16 mpg in cities and 22 mpg on highways. There are 40/40 bucket seats in the rear along with a 60/40 split bench for third row seating. The interiors of the crossover are also nice.

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