7 Passenger Crossover Vehicles

In the year 2011, we have seen many additions to the already huge list of some of the best 7 passenger crossover vehicles. Many buyers and experts have expressed their opinions about which of them is the best vehicle but you need to identify the unique qualities of any vehicle before buying the most suitable 7 passenger crossover for the family. These 7 passenger crossover vehicles have actually filled a vacant position, giving the users an option in their car selection by combining the features of SUVs and the standard cars. Although they seat 7 passengers, they are designed to be compact and provide excellent handling which you might expect from a smaller car. These crossovers are suitable especially for large families that need extra space. You can select from a massive range of crossover vehicles available in the market.

The 7 passenger crossover vehicles are a revolutionary adaptation for the wishes and needs of modern day car owners. These family cars retain the space and the power required for families. They also come with that sporty look you normally associate with SUVs or smaller cars. These crossovers handle almost as well as average cars, which is a distinct advantage because most large family vehicles are bulky and are difficult to maneuver and park. This new form of transportation for large families has become popular quickly. You can also get comfortable seating for 7 passengers as the seats are not crammed in. Some crossovers use the available space innovatively to preserve the roomy interiors.

2011 GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

This 7-seater crossover from GMC comes with large spacious interiors that are capable of seating 7 passengers including its driver. GMC Acadia has a 3.6-lit V6 engine under the hood that provides 288 hp. The base trim of Acadia comes with a 6-speed transmission. The interior of the 7-passenger crossover is comfortable and provides some entertainment options as well. The crossover comes with 6-speaker sound system, power locks, windows and air conditioning. The sound system can play CDs, MP3s and radio. The crossover also provides many safety features including air bags for the driver and passengers, 4W anti-lock brakes, safety locks on rear doors for children’s safety and an anti-theft deterrent system.

2012 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna can be considered as the best 7-passenger crossover minivan of the year 2011. It has received top ratings from the experts and the prospective buyers were waiting for the keys to the car. The main reason behind the huge popularity of Sienna is its fuel economy. The crossover has the capability to utilize the fuel optimally. Its price is also within the range of almost all buyers. The only serious competition for Sienna comes from Chrysler Town and country. Its fuel efficiency can be compared with Sienna and the vehicle provides large space inside the car enough to hold small parties. This is the reason Town and Country along with Kia Sedona provide the best competition to Sienna for the best 7-passenger minivan of 2011.

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7 Passenger Cars

Looking for a perfect family car can turn out to be a daunting task for people having large families, as they need that extra space for additional passengers that cannot be fit inside standard cars. This problem resulted in a widespread demand for 7 passenger cars with capabilities to carry 7 passengers. While looking for 7 passenger cars for family, you normally have two choices and they are minivan and SUVs. Both these kinds of cars have a range of options that can suit the needs of your family.

Although seating capacity is the primary concern, there are other factors such as price, fuel efficiency, safety features and other features, which need to be taken into account before buying your family vehicle. This examination will help the consumers in picking the most suitable 7-passenger car to satisfy their requirements and their families. Another important criterion for selection is the body type. Minivans will have more rooms for seating but SUVs are sportier. Crossovers are more fuel-efficient but the 7 passenger seating is smaller. Rear seating type is also an important criterion for 7 passenger vehicles. In some vehicles such as Mercury Mountaineer, the third row of seats in the rear can fold down if they are not required. A popular minivan is Chrysler Town and Country, which is a seven seater and the seats, can be rotated to allow your family members face each other. Here are reviews of a couple of the best 7 passenger vehicles.

2012 Chrysler Town and Country

Chrysler Town and Country

Town and Country from Chrysler falls under the minivan category. It gives a fuel mileage of 16 miles per gallon in cities and 23 mpg on highways. The base trim is available at around $26,000 and this price increases depending on the trim selected. All the trims of this 7-passenger car come with six-speed auto transmission and a 3.8-lit V6 engine. Very few minivans actually allow the owners to fold the rear seats inside the floor to create extra space, Town and Country is one of those. In case of most other minivans, this seating has to be taken out of the car. This arrangement is extremely beneficial for people that expect lot of hauling. You can also expect standard safety features in Chrysler Town and Country, thereby ensuring the safety of passengers while driving on highways.

2012 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

When you consider 7 passenger cars, Toyota Highlander should feature on your list for all categories. It is an extremely versatile SUV and comes with a 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engine. You can also get a hybrid trim if you are looking for an eco-friendly car. The Highlander base trim is available at $27,000 and has an excellent fuel mileage of 20 mpg in cities and 25 mpg on highways. You can also get an AWD version. This 7-passenger car has top of the line safety features including air bags on all sides and electronic stability control. There is also a facility for lowering the child seat.

Best 7 Passenger SUV

Everybody likes to have some space to himself from time to time. However, there are times when you actually need this space. This is true especially when your family grows in size and as a result, everything you need has to be larger. Normally one of the first things you need to replace and get a larger version of is your family car. When the size of your family has reached a point when it is no longer possible to seat five people in the car easily, it is time to look for the 7 passenger SUV. Obviously, you would like to get the best 7 passenger SUV that is available in the market.

There are several options for selecting the best SUV for the family. One of the best places to start looking for the vehicle is on internet. There are dozens of SUVs available in the market with different features and many companies are making them. It allows you the option to buy the best vehicle. Many people have shared their experiences on internet and you can easily decide the most suitable vehicle for your family on that basis. You can also research various consumer reports, Car and Driver to find your best 7 passenger SUV. Here are two SUVs that can be considered but you may also want to consider other all-round options like Buick Enclave or Cadillac Escalade.

2012 Hyundai Veracruz

Hyundai Veracruz

The best 7 passenger SUV in terms of mileage is Hyundai Veracruz. This is a medium sized SUV and yet is roomy enough from inside to seat 7 passengers easily. Another great option is the 3rd row seating which is a little tight for seating adults but is perfectly suitable for placing kids. The front two rows however are pretty spacious and comfortable. The ride in a Veracruz is quiet and supple on plain roads but might get bumpy on rough terrain. One thing to not about the Hyundai Veracruz is that it is one of the very few SUVs to get a five star rating from NHTSA in their latest crash tests. The material used is first rate and overall design is useful. The new model of Veracruz will set you back by $28,000.

2011 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia

This is the best 7 passenger SUV in terms of cargo space and comfort. It can be considered as a triumph for ultimate comfort on all terrains. Experts who understand parent’s needs designed its interiors and thus several family-friendly features can be found on the vehicle. The center section of the second row can slid forward as compared to the remaining seat. This allows parents having small children to reach the child seating in the safety seat easily. The cargo space offered on the Sequoia is the largest in the segment with 121 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. The 3rd row seating in some of the higher end trims has power reclining along with the power folding feature. This again improves the utilization of the cargo space. The new base model of Toyota Sequoia comes at around $40,000.

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