Best 7 Seater SUV

You can get 7 seater SUVs in full size and mid size versions with the full size SUVs offering greater space and comfort for its 7 passengers. Seating 7 passengers in the SUV can either be standard or optional. There are ranges of smaller models available that offer a third row of seating for achieving that seating capacity. Some large SUVs can accommodate eight people. This is achieved by replacing the second row with a bench or bucket seats. The SUVs that will qualify for the competition of the best 7 seater SUV will possess luxury interiors for adding the comfort to its seven passengers. The material used is of highest quality and the interiors are well designed, elegant and tasteful. You will also get well laid out dashboards with extremely functional and easy to read and operate controls. This is of course in addition to the obvious requirements of fuel economy and affordable pricing.

There are many SUVS that can be considered as the best 7 seater SUV, which offer excellent entertainment options for keeping the rear passengers occupied while driving. These include portable DVD players and MP3 audio players. Let us consider some cars that qualify for the tag of the best 7 seater SUV for transporting large number of passengers.

2010 Subaru Tribeca

Subaru Tribeca

Subaru Tribeca is a medium sized crossover SUV. It is obviously smaller to the larger SUVs, but it offers comfortable seating for the front row passengers. The second row seating can be considered as adequate and third row seating is suitable for children only. The interiors of Tribeca are designed to provide a pleasing ride. A wraparound dashboard sweeps inside the central console. Despite this, the Tribeca can be considered as an affordable SUV with the base model being available at $28,000 onwards. It comes with a standard AWD and all the trims come with a 3.6 lit 6-cylinder engine. It is extremely pleasant to drive with a car-like handling and operates quietly.

2011 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse

This is another vehicle that can be considered as the best 7 seater SUV. The base model of Traverse comes at $1200 less than Tribeca and most reviewers are of the opinion that it is slightly better than Subaru Tribeca is. However, this could be because Chevrolet offer constant discounts on their vehicles and Subaru are not as generous with their incentives. Therefore, it is likely that despite a higher base price, you will end up paying more for Subaru Tribeca. Traverse gets you around stylishly and comfortably but do not expect a high-octane performance out of this SUV. It has a lot of interior space and in case you are expecting to carry many people or cargo, this is the perfect choice for you. The best part of Chevrolet Traverse is that the third row seating is extremely spacious and can comfortably seat adults, which is rare for this segment. The vehicle comes with a V6 engine that should provide sufficient power and it handles pretty well for medium sized SUV. The overall package offered by Traverse includes decent power, space and handling and looks far more expensive than it is.

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