7 Seater Cars

If you are married and your parents stay with you and to top it your 4th baby is on its way, you need to start looking 7 seater cars to find the most suitable one for your family. Your current car is not going to be enough anymore. There are many 7 seater cars available in market so you will face the dilemma of choosing the best available 7 passenger vehicle for your family. First, you need to decide the reason for buying the 7-seater car. The problem with large family cars is that their trunks are actually small. Therefore, when you have the extra seat in the car that can be stashed away when a lot of empty space is required, it gives you an added advantage. You never know when you will need that extra space or the extra seat especially while having an expanding family. Therefore, it is wise to select a car taking into consideration the requirements for future. There are a few things you need to consider while buying 7 seater cars such as the comfort offered in the seats, size of the trunk, capability of air conditioning to reach back seating, fuel consumption both in cities and on highways. Take into account the size of the car as well, because your parking requirements depend on the vehicle’s size. Also, find out the resale value of the car. You will typically find many options for your 7-seater car depending on where you are located. Location can also make significant difference in the pricing of the car.

2011 Acura MDX

Acura MDX

Acura MDX is a medium sized luxury SUV crossover coming with AWD. It has a decent operating economy and makes efficient use of available space. The MDX also has above average resale value and comes with above average warranty. The seating offered is excellent and handles extremely well for an SUV. The latest Acura MDX comes with an auto 6-speed transmission and a powerful 3.7-lit V6 engine. Despite being smaller to the conventional 7 seater cars, it has decent cargo space. There are three rows of seating to accommodate 7 passengers and the front seating with leather bucket seats is the best in the segment. The MDX gives 16 mpg mileage in cities and 21 mpg on highways. The base model comes at around $42,000.

2012 Mazda CX9

Mazda CX9

The CX9 is available in AWD and FWD. Mazda is a Japanese manufacturer and CX9 is their newest foray in the 7 passenger cars market and it has turned out to be an amazing success. The 7 seater is made with brilliant engineering and the engine provides plenty of power. You can seat 7 passengers luxuriously in the 7 passenger car. CX9 is clearly for those families looking to bring a touch of class to all events. The crossover SUV provides the space associated with large SUVs, decent handling and fuel economy. This vehicle achieves the dual objective of being stylish and at the same time being practical.

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