7 Passenger Crossovers

Crossovers along with SUVs have been the choices for people looking for large interior space and class. The 7 passenger crossovers can be normally categorized as compact, midsize and full size vehicles. Other aspects to pay attention to while buying the 7 passenger crossovers are fuel mileage, comfort and handling. There is another 7 passenger vehicle that competes with these crossovers and that is the minivan. However, people looking for a lot of space for carrying goods select minivans. They are not competitive with the crossovers in terms of design. Crossovers are clear winners over SUVs and minivans in terms of fuel efficiency. Most crossovers generally have lesser space than compared to minivans however; they have great looks and combine fuel efficiency with comfort.

Bigger cars are required when the size of the family grows. You need to consider requirements of the family before finalizing the purchase of any 7-passenger vehicle. If you have a large family with more than 6 members in it and you are looking for a car having excellent fuel efficiency, SUVs are probably not your cup of tea. You need to go for 7 passenger crossovers. An excellent choice will be Ford Flex.

2011 Ford Flex

Ford Flex

This 7 passenger crossover with 4 doors comes with three rows of seating. You can get two engines both of which are powerful V6 but for AWD models, a higher-powered twin turbo engine featuring EcoBoost is used. The sole kind of transmission offered for all trims is 6 speed automatic. You can also get either FWD or AWD on all the trims. The 7 passenger seating is available in all the trims. Other features available on this 7-passenger crossover are SYNC communication and a full entertainment system. It also comes with a Vista roof having multiple panels and a refrigerator inside. The crossover uses 4-wheel disc brakes having anti-lock and roll control with electronic stability. There are six airbags and a useful pressure monitoring system for tires. The 7-passenger crossover is reasonable priced with the base model starting from around $29,000.

2011 Buick Enclave

Buick Enclave

This wonderful crossover from Buick combines the excellent handling and smooth rides of sedans with cargo holding capabilities and higher seating position of SUVs. This 7-passenger crossover is available in 3 trims and they all feature a contemporary design which has the trademark styling from Buick seen over the years. All the trims can be bought with either AWD or FWD configurations. The interior of the vehicle has two bucket seats at the front and there are 2 different configurations for 2nd and 3rd row seating. This seating arrangement can accommodate up to eight passengers comfortably. The standard seating that comes with the Buick is a 2-2-3 scheme or you can order a model with the configuration of a 2-3-3 seating scheme if required. This beautiful crossover is powered by a 3.6-liter direct injection V6 engine and has a 6-speed auto transmission. Enclave has terrific interiors and a detailed list of amenities and features. The base model comes at around $35,000.

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