7 Passenger SUVs

Majority of people go for carpool these days and take out their family in numbers. It does not matter where this person is going he will have a huge number of people tagging along. Gone are the days when a single couple used to go out for the prom night. There are two or more couples showing up at the events apart from the families wanting to take everyone on a ride. Minivans are not considered as the coolest vehicles for this anymore. This is the main reason apart from the numerous advantages offered why people have turned in large numbers to the 7 passenger SUVs.

As people nowadays are planning to arrive and leave together, they need a larger vehicle to accommodate the whole family having larger seating capabilities. Few years back the obvious choice for this requirement was 7 passenger minivans. However, some car manufacturers beginning the manufacturing of SUVs realized that there is a possibility to add an extra row of seats in the back of the bigger SUVs and create seating capability of 7-8 passengers. It turned out to be a perfect thing for the makers as they made larger profits on SUVs than compared to the regular cars. This profit margin was the reason why all carmakers started making SUVs and they were offered to the public in many different models.

When the first lot of 7 passenger SUVs started rolling out, people were excited to have a sporty vehicle that could carry 7 people and not having to drive the boring minivan. Therefore, the 7 passenger SUVs surged in popularity to become one of the most used vehicles of 1990s and 2000s. You can also get the 7 passenger SUVs in 4WD and it handles pretty well in muddy or snowy conditions which your typical minivan cannot. These 7 passenger SUVs are preferred vehicles while going on the road trip, weddings, funerals or any events where the family is going out in numbers. They have completely superseded the minivans in terms of popularity. The new models of SUVs come in several different designs, makes and colors. This variety has added to the already growing popularity of the SUVs. Due to their flexibility, they are far more popular than any minivans.

Dodge Durango

Durango is the flagship SUV from Dodge and has come a long way since it was first introduced to US people in 1998. This is a solid vehicle, built sturdily and has taken thousands of US families out on holidays to the comforts of their cabins. This SUV comfortably seats 7 passengers with the added benefit that you can fold the 3rd row out to allow for a large cargo area. The seating offered in the Durango is quite fine and comfortable especially for an SUV not classified as Luxury. The second row has space to comfortably seat adults but the 3rd row is comfortable for children only. The base model is available at $30,000 and has several features.

2012 Dodge Durango

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