7 Passenger SUV List

It should be a delight for the common consumers to learn that their 7 passenger SUV list of choices has become filled with vehicles that are spacious, affordable and useful. All consumers looking to get large family vehicles should first consider preparing a 7 passenger SUV list to aid the decision making process. Large families having a number of children will find it difficult to get into normal cars. In such case an SUV having seven passenger seating capabilities is a perfect choice both at family and business levels. The modern 7 passenger vehicles are more luxurious, streamlined and economical as compared to the older fuel consuming versions. All carmakers have realized that the users want lot of space nowadays and they desire good fuel mileage both in the same vehicle. The modern car users can consider themselves lucky because optimum vehicles like this are available today in the form of smaller SUVs. These cars seat 7 passengers and yet maintain plenty of room and also provide above average gas mileage.

Whenever you prepare a 7 passenger SUV list, be sure to have Ford, Buick, Audi, Acura, Dodge and Chevrolet vehicles in it. These are just some of the makers that are offering 7 passenger SUVs. You can expect 3rd row seating in all these SUVs with loads of extra space and features. Whenever you are looking for a practical vehicle that can look stylish, there is no need to look any further than the small SUVs. They have evolved a great deal in the last decade to become an extremely useful choice among consumers.

The 7 passenger SUV list can be useful in deciding which vehicle will be most suitable to you. There are many models and makes available out there but all these SUVs have some distinct features. You may need a large vehicle for work or a small one for easier handling, there is an alternative available. You can take some time to perform some research online to compare the details of the various SUVs on your list and you will be able to make a decision within minutes.

2012 Audi Q7

Audi Q7

The best fuel mileage by any 7 passenger small SUV is offered by Audi Q7. It will definitely win the mileage award for SUVs in 2011. This is a new age and a sleek SUV that boasts of a terrific 28 mpg mileage on highways and offers heated seating. The Q7 also offers Audi parking system, 18-inch wheels for its all-season tires and leather seats. This wonderful vehicle is ranked very highly in the list of luxury midsize SUVs. The 2011 Q7 comes with two supercharged 3 lit V6 engines and with a brand new 8-speed automatic transmission. The third row seating is available along with luxurious interiors suitable for the label of being a luxury vehicle coming at a hefty price of $46,000 onwards. The safety features are also impressive including the Side Assist.

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