7 Seater Vehicles

The demand for 7 seater vehicles is constantly rising mostly in larger families. The use of these 7 seater cars is a budget conscious decision from most of the families as it is definitely less expensive in longer run. There is no need to have two different cars that will have to run in opposite directions and dropping kids to their respective schools. Another major advantage is that the entire family can go out in a single vehicle on picnics or long drives. There is no need of an additional car. This also means lesser maintenance cost and fuel expenses not to mention the car loan obligations and car insurance expenses. All the modern 7 seater vehicles are refined versions of what once was a station wagon. Over the years, these station wagons gave way to minivans and later SUVs.

Most people have concluded that minivans are useful only for transporting goods and this impression has been difficult to shake off from people’s mind. On the other hand, SUVs were created for rugged terrains. Their reputation got a boost due to the fact they could carry more cargo than minivans. This also meant that SUVs were perfect for cross-country holidays also. At average SUVs run 20 miles per gallon, which is again reasonable.

The modern carmakers combined the advantages of cars and SUVs into developing 7 seater vehicle models. Therefore, 7 seater cars are similar to SUVs. Many companies have developed these models like Toyota, Dodge, Chevy, Chrysler and Honda etc. These 7 seater cars have become highly popular basically because they look like beautiful cars instead of the large station wagons of older days. There are many vehicles exemplifying these kinds of automobiles such as Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town and Country and Honda Odyssey. Most of these 7 seater vehicles have folding seats. These 7 seaters have gone through many improvements over last few years and you can find many new features using modern technology. Toyota Highlander for example is a hybrid car that runs on both conventional and alternative fuel. The 7 seater vehicles are spacious, elegant looking and they save you many a penny in the longer run. You can read the reviews of several choices available on internet.

2012 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Odyssey from Honda is more of a classic vehicle and represents the old world charm of a sporty minivan. It has an aerodynamic shape and it looks like a sedan. Odyssey has unbelievably comfortable insides, which seat 7 passengers easily. In fact, the seating is so comfortable that it appears like the first class area of a passenger airline. Honda Odyssey is available with a range of options, most of which are designed to keep the restless children entertained on long drives. There are five trim levels available in US to choose from and the 7 passenger SUV comes with a 3.5 lt V6 engine that can develop 248 hp. On a combined cycle, the Honda Odyssey gives 21 mpg fuel consumption. The entry-level models of Honda Odyssey start from $27,000.