7 Seater SUVs

Larger families generally used to have difficulties in finding a suitable vehicle for their big numbers. However, most of these families do not wish to drive minivans. A great alternative is available nowadays in the form of 7 seater SUVs. This is an ideal solution and great news for the large families. There is a range of 7-passenger vehicles available in this range with different sizes, prices and other features.

The 7 seater SUVs which are smaller in size include the 7 seater crossovers like Ford Flex, Honda Pilot 7, Chevy Traverse, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Highlander and Jeep’s Grand Cherokee. Although these 7 seater SUVs are designed to retain that sporty and compact look of the cars, they also provide luxury and comfort associated with big cars by supplying large space and other needs of the family. The smaller SUVs do not seat 7 passengers in their basic configuration and some adjustments have to be made by getting and adding 3rd row seating. They are lot cheaper than the larger SUVs but provide better mileage in both cities and highways. Some of the larger 7 seater SUVs are GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia and Chevrolet Tahoe. There is no need to adjust these bigger vehicles to fit in 7 passengers. You get lot of extra space for baggage, sports equipment and other goods. The problem however lies in the mileage. The larger SUVs will provide fuel mileage of around 13-14 mpg in cities and 17-18 mpg on highways. Chevrolet Equinox is a good option if you want to buy a larger SUV because, it is reasonably priced and offers fuel efficiency close to that of a sedan.

The 7 seater SUVs also offer hybrid models for eco conscious car owners. These hybrid vehicles come with an electric motor in addition to the usual IC engine. The hybrid 7 seater SUVs along with being environment friendly are more fuel efficient than the normal 7 passenger SUVs. A very good example is Toyota Highlander. The hybrid model of this 7 passenger SUV combines excellent performance with solid fuel efficiency. Therefore, along with being easy on the pocket, the SUV is also eco-friendly.

2012 Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox as a crossover SUV is available in 4 trims with each one offering distinctive features. It comes with a 2.4 lit 4-cylinder engine that provides 182 hp. You get a 6-speed automatic transmission. It comes with FWD and provides an excellent mileage of 22 mpg in cities and 32 mpg on highways. More power is available with the AWD option and this extra power is useful while driving through the snow. However, the mileage will drop to 20 and 29 mpg in city and on highway respectively. You can also get a trim with a V6 engine that will provide great power but the mileage will drop further. The cargo space offered in the Equinox is small even if you fold the rear seat. Its rear seats can be slid forward and back to allow room for passenger legs and other cargo. You can recline the seats as well for comfort. This Chevy also offers a quiet ride and the carlike performance is a sure plus. The interiors are also decent and useful. You have many places to keep your travel goodies and sunglasses. Its excellent design makes the 7 seater SUV pretty looking to the user’s eyes.

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