7 Seater SUV

The modern automobile market has some great options for users in terms of buying a 7 seater SUV. All the main carmakers are offering a wide range of models for your family car. The 7 seater SUV is associated with a third row in the car. Now, the question in the user’s mind is how useful this placeh is. The reason for the question is that this row has a direct impact on the quantity of space available inside the car and its accessibility. This will also vary from model to model and make to make. Many 7 seater SUVs such as Toyota RAV4 can only accommodate small sized adults or children in this area. However, other larger SUVs from Toyota such as Highlander and Sequoia offer much roomier third row seating and easy access.

Other excellent 7 passenger SUVs in US in terms of space available are Chevy Suburban, Ford Flex, Dodge Durango and GMC Yukon series. They are all extremely accommodating in terms of the third row. Another thing to consider is, how much work are you expecting to get out of your 7 seater SUV. If you are likely to get off the road often and on the beaten path it is better to go for Pathfinder or 4Runner as they are the good off road vehicles in this segment. Another 7 seater SUV you can consider for your family is Land Cruiser but its gentrification has made this a secondary capability. There is another segment of cars you can consider for your requirement as 7 passenger SUV and that is crossover. You can get solid entries like Mazda CX-9, Subaru Tribeca and Nissan Murano here. All these are superb choices for a ride like in a car with excellent handling in difficult conditions. However, this segment is not exactly popular for being roomy inside or space on the third row. They have low profiles and narrow wheelbase, which keeps the passenger compartment small and cozy including the third row. In general, there is a large market you can consider before buying the most suitable 7 seater SUV for your family. If you consider carefully all aspects, you can find a suitable vehicle for your needs.

2012 Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban

This car is considered as one of the greatest American SUVs of all time. It is durable, simple and extremely popular. The 7 seater SUV was introduced first in 1930s and has since been famous for the leg space and comfort it offers. Suburban is a monster 7 seater SUV and easily seats 7 passengers inside a durable and thick frame, which takes you back to the golden days of Chevrolet. Suburban gives you the capability to carry more cargo and passengers than any other SUV in the segment. The latest version comes with a 6.2-lit Vortec V8 engine with 320 hp that gives formidable power output. The vehicle also has an active fuel management technology for saving fuel and increasing mileage. A six speed automatic transmission is available for saving fuel.

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