7 Passenger Crossover Vehicles

In the year 2011, we have seen many additions to the already huge list of some of the best 7 passenger crossover vehicles. Many buyers and experts have expressed their opinions about which of them is the best vehicle but you need to identify the unique qualities of any vehicle before buying the most suitable 7 passenger crossover for the family. These 7 passenger crossover vehicles have actually filled a vacant position, giving the users an option in their car selection by combining the features of SUVs and the standard cars. Although they seat 7 passengers, they are designed to be compact and provide excellent handling which you might expect from a smaller car. These crossovers are suitable especially for large families that need extra space. You can select from a massive range of crossover vehicles available in the market.

The 7 passenger crossover vehicles are a revolutionary adaptation for the wishes and needs of modern day car owners. These family cars retain the space and the power required for families. They also come with that sporty look you normally associate with SUVs or smaller cars. These crossovers handle almost as well as average cars, which is a distinct advantage because most large family vehicles are bulky and are difficult to maneuver and park. This new form of transportation for large families has become popular quickly. You can also get comfortable seating for 7 passengers as the seats are not crammed in. Some crossovers use the available space innovatively to preserve the roomy interiors.

2011 GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

This 7-seater crossover from GMC comes with large spacious interiors that are capable of seating 7 passengers including its driver. GMC Acadia has a 3.6-lit V6 engine under the hood that provides 288 hp. The base trim of Acadia comes with a 6-speed transmission. The interior of the 7-passenger crossover is comfortable and provides some entertainment options as well. The crossover comes with 6-speaker sound system, power locks, windows and air conditioning. The sound system can play CDs, MP3s and radio. The crossover also provides many safety features including air bags for the driver and passengers, 4W anti-lock brakes, safety locks on rear doors for children’s safety and an anti-theft deterrent system.

2012 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna can be considered as the best 7-passenger crossover minivan of the year 2011. It has received top ratings from the experts and the prospective buyers were waiting for the keys to the car. The main reason behind the huge popularity of Sienna is its fuel economy. The crossover has the capability to utilize the fuel optimally. Its price is also within the range of almost all buyers. The only serious competition for Sienna comes from Chrysler Town and country. Its fuel efficiency can be compared with Sienna and the vehicle provides large space inside the car enough to hold small parties. This is the reason Town and Country along with Kia Sedona provide the best competition to Sienna for the best 7-passenger minivan of 2011.

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