7 Passenger Vehicles

While referring to 7 passenger vehicles the picture that comes to your mind is that of a large car. This is the case on most occasions but contrary to what you may think, these cars are quite family-friendly along with being visually pleasing. Whenever looking for a 7 passenger vehicle for your family, you will be looking at cars such as vans, suburban, minivans, SUVs and other similar larger vehicles. The 7 passenger vehicles have undergone many changes over the years. Everyone will remember loading their station wagon with family on weekends and heading towards a movie theatre. None of the other vehicles could bring your big family together and take them for a long ride. It did not even matter where you were going, as just the fun of riding together was great.

Station Wagon was probably one of the first such family vehicles. Although it was popularly believed that it could seat 7, most of the models were capable of seating 9 persons. It had a bench seat in the car front and behind the driver and each could seat three persons. A unique seat in the back of the wagon set the vehicle apart from the rest. There was a rear-facing bench in the back. This unique seating arrangement was extremely popular among children. Station Wagon was later converted into a minivan, which also became extremely popular with large families. Minivan is a more versatile vehicle as it can take the children to movies and the rear seats fold to allow your weekly shopping for grocery as well. You can also load some lumber in the back for building clubhouse for children over the weekend. Families will always remember this versatility of the minivan.

The evolution of 7 passenger vehicles is bringing about a new breed of family vehicles called SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles. It is quickly taking the place of minivans in the family vehicle sector. Families nowadays love to get back to nature and the 7 passengers SUVs not only allow them the space required for seating, but they have road capabilities that minivans can only dream about. Today, there are several models and makes to choose from while getting your 7 passenger cars. Let us look at some of the best 7 passenger vehicles.

2012 Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

This is arguably the most preferred 7-passenger vehicle among families. Escalade has typically been extremely popular among high profile entertainers and athletes since it was released in 1999. There is only one standard seating available nowadays which comes with 4 unbelievably comfortable bucket seats and it has a wide back seating row with enough space to seat three adults. Escalade is available with a range of upgrades and alternatives that will impress you. This acclaimed luxury SUV has great power and a refined and spacious interior. It has a 403 hp 6.2-liter V8 engine having active fuel management. It also comes with a road sensing suspension, which adds to the ride quality. It has an unbelievable presence and a huge list of features. It is very civilized on the roads. The Base model of the Escalade is available at around $63,000 and there are some upgrades. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most stolen SUVs in US.

2011 BMW X5


X5 has been a popular 7 passenger family vehicle now for more than 13 years. Folks having large families and immaculate taste go for this BMW SUV. It is a near perfect vehicle, which is comfortably cushioned and has an electronic environment. Easily one of the creams of the sector, this 7 passenger SUV sells in US at more than $50,000. This SUV offers good mileage without sacrificing the performance. The new upgrade of the vehicle includes a key change and that is the new eight speed automatic transmission. This paired with the new N55 engine delivers a smooth and fun ride. The SUV offers excellent handling along with comfortable and luxurious interiors. The car has a massive list of features and is incredibly stable at high speeds. The car also has excellent safety features including antilock brakes, break drying, stability control and other standby features including rollover sensors and front airbags.

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